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Will my phone work in Cambodia?

A key part of any mobile phone specification is its operating frequency bands. The supported frequency bands determine whether a certain handset is compatible with a certain network carrier.

So you will need to firstly find out what frequencies your phone works on. Once you've done this look at the tables below to determine if your phone will work in Cambodia.

You might find the frequencies your phone uses on the GSMArena website.

GSM 850 GSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1900 UMTS 850 UMTS 1900 UMTS 2100
No Yes Yes No No No Yes

To make basic calls you'll need atleast 2G capabilities

2G capabilities


GSM 900


GSM 900 and GSM 1800


Making video calls and using a high-speed 3G data connection in the country of your choice, requires a mobile phone that supports at least the frequency band filled as “Required” below .

3G capabilities


UMTS 2100


If you need more information about your specific phone try the GSMArena website.

Unlock your phone

You may need to have your phone unlocked so that it can work with different carriers. It's best to get your carrier to do it as it is probably better for your warranty, however it can be unlocked locally by one of the many, many, many telephone shops in Cambodia. Remember to have all your data backed up.

Get a Cambodian SIM card

Legally you need to show you live in Cambodia or are a Cambodian citizen, however it's easy to get a SIM card just ask one of the locals. They will gladly get one for you for a small fee.

Which mobile provider in Cambodia is best?

There are about 9 providers in the Cambodian mobile market, the largest has more than 50% market share and pretty well dictates what happens in the market place. As with any big monopoly they often abuse thier position but as the provide the best coverage they are the best. The company is called Mobitel, often referred to as Mobihel by many expats. One reason to select Mobitel is its cross network coverage, they readily allow calls going out to other networks but it is often difficult to call into their network. I have also heard it easy to get incoming out of country calls.

Making calls, sending text messages and using GPRS/EDGE mobile data connection in the country of your choice requires a mobile phone that supports at least the frequency band filled as “Required” below.

Mobile Internet in Cambodia

Mobitel also offer a $5/month 2GB mobile Internet package. If you get near your limit you will be warned, if so just add another $5 package. If you don't then your phone calling balance will be used to pay for casual internet usage and the cost is much higher.


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