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The Cavern Pub serves mainly British Pub food with a few local dishes. Every day there is a special.

Happy Hour
Daily Specials

Beer and Stouts     Spirits and Aperitifs  
ABC Stout , Guiness (Can) $2.00   Absolut Vodka $2.50
Anchor, Angkor (Can) $1.75   Baileys $2.75
Asahi (Can) $1.75   Bacardi $2.50
Beer Lao (Can) $1.75   Captain Morgan $2.50
Kingdom Pilsner (Bottle) $3.00   Campari $2.50
Kingdom Dark (Bottle) $3.00   Gordons Gin $2.50
Angkor, Lao (Bottle) $2.00   Jack Daniels $2.75
Angkor, Lao (Big Bottle) $3.25   Jagermeister $2.75
Heineken, Tiger (Can) $2.00   Jamesons $2.50
Heineken, Tiger (Bottle) $2.50   Jim Beam $2.50
Zorok (Can) $1.50   J&B $2.50
      Johnnie Walker Black $3.00
Cocktails     Johhnie Walker Red $2.50
B52 Shot $3.50   Malibu $2.50
Vodka or Gin Martini $3.50   Ricard $2.50
Bloody Mary $3.50   Pastis $2.25
Tequila Sunrise $3.00   Sambuca $2.50
Margarita $3.50   Stolichnaya $2.50
      Tequila $1.50
House Red or White $3.00   Cider  
      Savannah $3.00
Soft Drinks        
Water $1.00  


Coke, Sprite, Soda, Fanta $1.25   Jasmine $1.50
Light Coke, Ginger Ale $1.50   Twinnings  
Red Bull, Fruit Juices $1.50   ...English Breakfast - Cup $1.50
Bitter Lemon $1.50   ...English Breakfast - Pot $2.00
      ...Earl Grey - Cup $1.50
Coffee     ...Earl Grey - Pot $2.00
Instant $1.00   Lipton $1.00
French Press $1.75      

Most mixers are included in the drink price - Add 25 cents for Red Bull, Ginger Ale or Light Coke.

Salads and Soups
Light Meals
Grilled and Toasted Sandwiches
Filled Baguettes
Gourmet Burgers
Fried Rice and Khmer Dishes
Main Dishes


If you're looking where to buy things but don't know where to look then our FAQ section may have an answer for you.

If not please visit the Phnom Penh Information forum and ask your questions.

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