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So you want to meet a nice young beautiful Cambodian woman, fall in love and live happily after. Well as long as you're under fifty and have stacks of cash the Cambodian government doesn't care.

Well as there's no shortage of hostess bars aimed at westerners where should you start. On 104 Street is a good place, come down to the Cavern at about 4pm and watch the staff for the 15 or so hostess bars on the street come to work, beats watching the river go by.

On 104 street these are the bars I'd recommend.

Other hostess bars on 104 street included, at the time of writing.

The next busiest street for hostess bars is 136 street. Recommended hostess bars on 136 street are.

Other hostess bars on this street include:

OneThreeSix (136) Bar which was formerly on 136 Street has moved to the corner of 130 and street 5. The owner of the house that 136 was originally located in decided she would open a bar there herself. The owners of 136 moved locations 2 months before thier lease was to expire and have sucessfully established the business in a different location. So please boycott the new bar that will be built in the old location which was between 69 bar and 99 bar. OneThreeSix is one of the few bars I'd recommend.

If you are worried about getting ripped of while in a hostess bar always pay as you go, check your bill and make sure your money is secure.


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